Our Favorite Holiday Traditions + Family Shoot!


I am so excited to finally share our family holiday shoot captured by the talented Kate of Freebird Photography! Chase’s first Christmas was truly special and with some old and new traditions, it was more meaningful than I could have ever imagined. Take a peek below for some cozy moments in our home plus eight of our favorite holiday traditions!


Picking Out Our Christmas Tree

Like many, Thanksgiving weekend is the kick off to all things Christmas in our home and that includes our annual visit to our local tree farm to cut down our tree! It’s one of my favorite days of the year (cue Nat King Cole) and now with our little guy, it’s even more special. We got him the cutest book called Pick a Pine Tree (newly published this year, making it all the more meaningful!) and we plan to read it to him every year before we go and pick out our tree. I love the idea of creating traditions around the imaginative nature of books, similar to the Polar Express Night/Christmas light home tour idea—another tradition we plan to start in the next couple years when Chase is old enough!

Christmas Eve Lobster Feast

My husband grew up with a fun family tradition of lobsters on Christmas eve, a tradition that we’ve now carried on for many years. We’ve added Alaskan king crab legs to the mix, because they are just. so. good. This year, we enjoyed our tradition as a family of three and Chase absolutely LOVED the lobster and crab. Not surprising, considering he already eats everything we do! Check out this post for more inspiration on having a lobster dinner date night and how to steam a lobster.

S’mores for Santa, by the (Indoor) Fire

I love, love, love sitting by a crackling fire in the summer and making s’mores. Who doesn’t?! So a few years ago when we moved into our home, complete with our wish list fireplace—I thought, why not take that favorite summer tradition and make it a winter tradition? It’s especially fun around the holidays and I have a feeling Chase will love it in the years to come when we do ‘s’mores for Santa’ on Christmas eve.


Making Christmas Cookies

As much as I love those s’mores, classic chocolate chip cookies deserve a whole afternoon of their own. You can find me sneaking several scoops of cookie dough before they go in the oven! 


This year I attended my first ever wreath-making workshop at Les Fleurs of Andover (my favorite little French-inspired floral shop!). Learning how to make my own wreath was so much fun and so gratifying seeing my hard work every time I drive up to our house. Highly recommend trying it if you’ve ever wanted to do a holiday workshop! I plan to make at least one of my own wreaths every year now. This will probably be a more personal tradition, but I will absolutely try to involve Chase (and babies to come!) if they are interested.

Christmas Charades

Game night lovers at heart (we have a specific game basket in our living room!), we had the best intentions this year to host a holiday party for our friends with the theme of ‘Christmas Charades & Cocktails’. Unfortunately we were hit with the worst stomach bug that led to us canceling—so we’ll have to try again next year! It’s the coziest time of year to bundle up by the fire and spark a little friendly competition with a few fun games. 


Holiday Movie Night + Hot Chocolate

There are a few merry movies I just cannot go without seeing each holiday season, including White Christmas, Love Actually and The Holiday. We always set aside some time for a holiday movie night and I cannot wait to add some of Chase’s favorites to the mix as he grows up! And movie night just isn’t complete without hot chocolate and giant marshmallows. 

Holiday Giving Goals

My parents taught me the importance of helping those less fortunate at a very young age and we plan to instill that same giving attitude in our kids. Chase is still a bit too young to grasp that concept, but as soon as he understands, we will involve him in our annual holiday giving goals which include donating to some of our favorite charities. I’m a firm believer that giving/donating time is important, too. There are so many people who are alone during the holidays (especially in nursing homes) and have no visitors. Stopping by to chat with an elderly person for even an hour is something that will brighten their day or week more than you know. Ask them about their favorite holiday memories, listen to music with them or even watch a favorite holiday movie of theirs with them. There are so many other ways to donate your time, too!

Photography: Freebird Photography

Patricia Toht : 11:50 December 26, 2017 Reply
So sweet to see your little Chase with Pick a Pine Tree. I’m happy that it will become part of your Christmas traditions. 🎄📚