My New Mama Must-Haves with Pottery Barn Kids


Since having Chase and becoming a new mama, my daily routine has changed SO much, understandably! Our little man demands a lot of attention (and snuggles) in these early weeks, but one thing I’m so glad I did from day one was make it a priority to get out of the house. Thankfully he was born at the start of spring, making it easier to take him along on a dinner date, meet up with friends for coffee or head to the greenhouse for some gardening inspiration like we did last week. Before his arrival, that all sounded so intimidating to me with a newborn! But we made sure to equip ourselves with all the baby gear we needed to make those outings as smooth as possible, thanks to Pottery Barn Kids. Today, I’m going to be sharing some of my new mama must-haves and registry favorites that allow me to get out, stay social and do it all with ease and style.

The biggest item on our registry wish list was a stylish, efficient stroller and coordinating car seat. We fell in love with the Nuna Mixx2 Stroller and Nuna Pipa Car Seat. First off, installing this car seat was an absolute breeze and the stroller setup was super easy too—something to appreciate as parents-to-be with a million other things on that before-baby to do list! Our little guy can stay snoozing from car-to-stroller on outings which makes our lives so much easier. It has been such a lifesaver when Shawn is working a night shift and I need to do grocery shopping alone, too. I keep Chase in the car seat and load up all the items I need in the large basket below. I also love that this stroller will grow with him! Not to mention, it’s light enough for me to handle, turns on a dime and rides smoothly even on our nature walks in the woods near our home. 

On these chillier spring days, I always make sure to have a blanket for layering. This Organic Matelasse Blanket is my go-to for outings. It’s not too bulky, so it doesn’t take up the whole diaper bag, but it’s still warm enough to keep Chase nice and snuggly.

Another item I never leave the house without is the Skip Hop GRAB & GO Snug Seal Wipes Case. Who knew tiny humans could make such a mess?! I love that this case hooks right on to the stroller so I don’t have to fish around in my diaper bag for it. Speaking of diaper bag, I really wanted one that didn’t scream “mom alert” and the Presidio Gold Tote was it. I actually don’t even carry a purse around with me most times because this bag holds it all and is so chic. I couldn’t wait to start using it after he was born!

A couple of additional items I always have in the diaper bag are the On the Go Sleep Sheep (the perfect white noise machine disguised as a cutie sheep) and a wet/dry bag for dirty outfits, burp cloths or diapers if we’re not near a trash bin. 

Having a sturdy and comfy carrier was also really important to us so we can keep our little guy close and be hands-free at the same time, when we’re not utilizing the stroller. The Ergobaby 360 Carrier has been wonderful for our neighborhood walks, shopping trips and more. I love that we can wear it four different ways as he grows. Currently, he stays nice and cozy in the infant insert, but in just a few months we’ll be testing out the front-outward, hip and back carry positions.

All in all, these items are definitely must-haves for on-the-go success. They’ve helped make the transition to motherhood a smooth one, which I’m so thankful for. What are items that help make your outings possible? You can find my full Pottery Barn Kids registry list here

*A huge thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for partnering with me on this post! 

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