How We Introduced a Bottle to Baby + Olababy Giveaway!


One of my very first moments with Chase after his birth was skin-to-skin and breastfeeding. It was such a special bonding time for us that I will never forget! It’s pretty incredible that we create these little humans and then they survive off of what our bodies provide. I’m so thankful that he instantly latched on as I know that’s not always the case for all mamas and babies. Originally, I wanted to wait until six weeks to start pumping and introduce a bottle as I had heard it can create nipple confusion, but he’s been so good at nursing (he’s already gained over 2 lbs.!) our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to try a bit earlier. We also wanted to give ourselves time to get the hang of things and build a supply before I go back to work. And, it’s such a great opportunity for Shawn and Chase to have some bonding time, not to mention—give mama a break in the night!

At first, I was a bit nervous he wouldn’t take a bottle because he doesn’t really like his pacifiers, but he had absolutely no problem! Our secret weapon? The amazing (and adorable I might add) GentleBottle from Olababy. He looooves the offset nipple which mimics a natural breast and latches on eagerly just like he does when we’re breastfeeding. 

We’ve started off with giving him a bottle every other day, usually in the evening for his ‘Dream Feed’ so we know we’re packing him full of food before bedtime. Fingers crossed this will help attain those longer sleep stretches! He’s only four weeks so he’s not holding his own bottle yet of course, but when he’s ready the smooth texture of the GentleBottle will be perfect for him to grasp on to. 

Another concern of mine with bottle feeding was that our already gassy baby would become even more gassy as I’ve heard they are prone to gulping down more air with a bottle. Not this one! There are two little vents on the nipple that help to prevent just that, and we haven’t noticed him any more gassy than usual. Let’s face it, babies are just little fart machines!

All in all, we’ve had a great experience introducing this bottle to Chase, and they’re pretty darn cute to boot. Chase totally loves his coral colored one already—well, maybe mama loves it more! In spirit of the fun colors and Easter weekend, I’ve teamed up with Olababy to giveaway a bottle to one lucky winner in your choice of color and size. Seriously, such an amazing bottle if you’re expecting, getting ready to introduce one to your baby or even to give as a gift. Grab the details below!


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3. Giveaway open to US residents only. Ends Sunday 11:59pm EST.

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___123___How We Introduced a Bottle to Baby + Olababy Giveaway! – Bisou Style___123___