My Hospital Bag Checklist


Anticipating baby’s arrival is unlike any other event I’ve had to ‘pack’ for because of course, we have no idea when that sweet arrival will be! So just to be on the safe side, I wanted to have most everything packed by week 37 or 38 just incase. We’ve got three bags packed and ready to go—one for baby, one for mama and one for daddy. I use my Lo & Sons Catalina bag and Away carry-on for weekend trips so they’re perfect for a hospital stay as well. Here’s what we’ve got in each:


We got this diaper bag for baby and I feel like it’s just the right size! I was able to fit everything for the hospital, which is way more than we’re going to need on a regular basis, so there will definitely be plenty of room for items we need for daily outings. I really love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. It’s a matte gold vegan leather material that’ll be easy to wash if it gets dirty. The inside is also a washable material and is lined with several pockets and also includes a portable changing pad.

Diapers & wipes – I know the hospital has these but we’d like to use our own brand from the start to see if we like.

A couple of swaddles, burp cloths and wash cloths

​Clothes – I packed a couple of outfits in NB size and 0-3 months, socks, booties, mittens so he doesn’t scratch his face, hats and a little zip up fleece for the trip home since it’s still pretty cold outside.

Toiletries for baby – Beautycounter baby shampoo for his first sponge bath, diaper cream, nail clippers and file set

Sleep Sheep – we were recommended to bring a white noise machine to not only help baby sleep but also us! With doctors and nurses walking by outside our door, I’m sure a little background noise will help when we’re trying to nap.

Pacifier – I’m not planning on using this since I’ve heard it can create confusion if you are breastfeeding, but we packed one just incase.

Car seat & blanket – we’ve got this one installed and ready to go! I can’t wait to bundle him in there to take him home.


Robes – I’m bringing a couple robes I live in at home that I’ll feel comfortable laboring in (love this one and this one) and this pretty one to wear after the baby is born. 

Nursing nightgown – I got this one and love it! Of course I haven’t used it to nurse yet but I love that it doesn’t even looking like a nursing nightie. It’s super comfy and I’m looking forward to using it at home a lot too. 

Nursing bras & bralettes – I got a couple of nursing bras, this one and this one. But I’ve also been loving the Lively bralettes. They’re great to sleep in at night or wear under a tee during the day and are surprisingly supportive for growing boobs. Plus, they’re super easy to pull down and I’m excited to wear them around the hospital and at-home for easy nursing.

Comfy clothes – I’m bringing these lounging joggers which are SO soft, a pair of sleep shorts, a few of my favorite tees (these were actually great during pregnancy because they fit me the whole time and they’re not maternity!), leggings, a nursing tank, this zip up hoodie, a loose open-front cardigan for easy nursing, this nursing shirtmy maternity jeans (incase I feel like wearing them home), comfy underwear and socks. 

Postpartum supplies – I know the hospital offers most of this stuff but I’m bringing some of my own: pads, mesh undies in my size, nursing pads, LilyPadz, Lansinoh Soothie Gel Pads, Lanolinnipple shield (hopefully I won’t need this but I’ve heard helpful to have if baby is really struggling to latch), New Mama Bottom Spray, Tucks pads

Eye mask – how cute is this one?! Perfect for daytime naps when natural light is peeking through the windows. 

Essential Oils​ ​Room Spray – I’ve been using Young Living essential oils since the beginning of pregnancy (mostly in my diffuser). Since hospital rooms can feel a bit well, not-so-homey, I thought I’d make an essential oil room spray to spritz around the room. I mixed up a citrusy blend I love to diffuse at home (grapefruit and lemon).

Rose Face Mist – I use this rose face mist after washing my face at night before bed and find it to be so, so relaxing. I’m going to try using during labor to see if that will help keep me in a calm state.

Toiletries​, ​makeup​, hair tie, lip balm​ (this coconut balm dotcom is my favorite).

Tech stuff – phone and charger, portable charger, ear buds

Water bottle and snacks.

Extras: Nursing pillow, vitamins, towels (I want my own!), slippers, flip flops incase my feet swell, bathing suit for laboring in the tub if I want, empty bag to bring home extra hospital supplies, baby book to have feet stamped in.

Treats for hospital staff – I picked up a box of my favorite local chocolates (Seacoast Sweets, SO good!) as a little gift to the hospital staff. I figure, we are going to be experiencing some pretty incredible, challenging and wonderful moments together and want to do something nice for them. It’s the little gestures that go a long way!

Hospital paperwork​ and birth plan – we’re pre-registered with our hospital already but we just have to bring the form for baby’s birth certificate which can’t be filled out until he’s born of course. I’m also bringing a loose birth plan with me. This is something I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do from the start but I’m so glad I did because I found out at my 38 week appointment that my doctor will be away for a conference next week when I’m 39 weeks. It was a little discouraging to hear that since we chose our doctor specifically because she’s a one woman practice and prides herself on being there for all of her deliveries. But, I totally get that these things happen and I’m not letting it worry me too much seeing as the doctor is really only there for the end. Having a printed list of ‘birth wishes’ ensures that whoever does deliver our baby or any of our nurses are aware! Just a thought if you’re considering writing one or not.


Shawn is really simple when it comes to traveling anywhere so his list is the smallest!

Clothes​ – jeans, tees, sweatshirts, socks, pajamas​


Tech stuff – phone and charger, iPad, portable speaker, camera.

Massager – we got this really great massager tool at our birth class that he can use to help me through labor. But he’s also pretty good with his hands!

Ziploc bag to put something with baby’s scent on it for Shawn to bring in the house for our fur babies to sniff out before we introduce them.

I think that’s it! If you can believe it, all of that fits in these three bags. For a life-changing experience I think that’s pretty good! I really tried to keep things as simple as possible, but I also want to be prepared and have those extra things I’m unsure of just incase. You can find all of the shoppable items I linked to below as well. I’d love to hear what you packed if you went through it already or what you’re planning to bring if currently pregnant! xx