6 Beauty Products I Use To Avoid Dry Winter Skin


Does anyone else feel like the air this winter is extra dry? We have forced hot air, so we’re already at a bit of a disadvantage. But wow, this year really seems a whole lot worse than usual. It could also be the fact that I’m eight months pregnant and this baby is using up all of my hydration! I’ve already had a few terrible bloody noses, which I hear is totally normal during pregnancy, so we now use this cool mist humidifier which has been helping and will be great for the baby, too. I also drink a TON of water and absolutely have to bring a giant bottle to bed with me which is always empty come morning. 

Through it all, I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized, so I thought I’d share some of my daily beauty products that I can’t live without. Scroll to keep reading!

1. First up, is this Archipelago Coconut Body Lotion. I’ve been using this for years now after finding it in a cute little shop while visiting my sister and her husband. I love coconut anything and the texture is perfect—thick and moisturizing without leaving a greasy feel. The packaging is also right up my alley and of course, the pump bottle is key. A great item to leave out on the sink counter to remind yourself to lotion up every day.

2. When it comes to my face, I’ve had such a difficult time finding a moisturizer I really love. Until, I found this one from Beautycounter. I swear, my skin improved 1000% after I started using this stuff! It has been perfect for my combo skin and acne of any kind is a rare thing now. 

3. This La Mer Treatment Lotion is a bit more pricey so I don’t use it every single day, but when I do my skin feels like a baby’s bottom. It’s amazing! I’ll usually use it every other night and it honestly makes such a difference when I wake up the next morning.

4. My lips are a troublesome area, so exfoliating a lot during the winter is super important. I started using this French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish last year and fell in love. It’s like a sugary rose flavor and leaves a nice plump feeling to your lips after each use. 

5. My favorite of all is this Coconut Bomb Dotcom from Glossier! It really is the bomb you guys. In addition to curing dry lips in an instant, it’s amazing for cuticles and dry spots on your hands too. I always use the leftover on my finger after applying to rub into my hands. SO good, I cannot say enough about this stuff!

6. Lastly, my scalp tends to get a bit dry in the winter as well, especially around my hairline. With fine hair, I’m so used to washing it every day to give it a refresh (I so envy those of you who can go 5 days without washing!). But to help with the dryness, I aim to wash every other day if I can and this OUAI Dry Shampoo has been amazing to help liven up my locks on those off days.

You can shop all of the items mentioned below. I’d love to hear what you use for combating dry winter skin?!