3 Goals for a Happy & Healthy New Year


Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m beyond excited to dive into 2017, are you? I don’t always set resolutions for myself each year but with one of the biggest changes happening in our lives in just a few months, I felt it was such an important time to set some goals for myself personally to be the best mama I can be to this baby on the way and a loving wife, daughter, sister and friend to those I love the most.


With an expanding family in 2017, a huge goal of mine is to simplify in every aspect of life, but mostly in our home. The nesting is real friends and I’ve literally been opening up every cupboard, every closet, every box to see what I can ditch. It is such a good feeling! I can’t believe all of the crap we actually moved with us two summers ago and I’m sure there’s even more we could shave off. I already live by the everything should have a home attitude, but I aim to do so even more this year. And when it comes to purchasing new items for our home? I think it’s so important to really take the time and make sure it vibes with our style—one of the 3 Rules I Stick to in my Home!


So often I feel guilty if I’m not on the move or using my spare time for something ‘productive’, when the truth is that taking the time for ourselves IS productive. I’m going to need that more than ever when I become a mom this year. I’m already taking action next week with finally treating myself to a maternity massage and cannot wait!


This isn’t a new one for me or for anyone really—I think we should always be practicing patience throughout our lives. I don’t think there’s any way of perfectly mastering it because it’s such an easy one to lose touch with. Patience helps us to be good communicators, to know when to take big leaps and to fight our unhealthy impulses. I’m prepared to experience a whole new level of patience when it comes to being a mother and raising my child, physically and emotionally. But I also want to keep that word present daily with my marriage, my career and personal goals. Practicing patience is key in being present and there’s nothing more I could hope for this coming year.

What are your New Year resolutions, goals or words you want to live by in 2017?

xx, Melissa

*Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck for Julie Couch Interiors