How I’m Staying Organized in the New Year

Down to Biz

Can you believe it’s the very last Friday of 2016? In some ways this year was a lengthy one and in others it flew by—especially these last few months. It was our first full year in our new home and the year that we found out we were expecting our sweet baby boy (just a few days after our one year anniversary actually!). Definitely one to remember. But I’m pretty sure 2017 will top that with his upcoming arrival. We cannot wait to meet him!

I like to think that I’m a pretty organized person as it is, but since being pregnant, I’ve met a whole new level of organization (a.k.a. nesting) that I’m sure I’ll be thankful for once this babe arrives. One thing I can never seem to let go of is a good old classic pen and paper planner. I love seeing all of my to do’s and upcoming events in a pretty little book on my desk, promptly checking them off when they’re complete and then closing the book up for the day or the week. It’s so satisfying! 

This year, I found the Refresh Planner from J.Lynn Designery on Instagram and knew it was the perfect fit for me. First off, they’re stylish and very well made—priority number one! A year of tossing around my desk or work tote requires good quality. Inside, the first section is dedicated to quarterly goal planning where you list those goals and also create a little mantra for yourself. Love that! I find that each new quarter or season brings so much change and it’s going to be refreshing to re-evaluate life and work at those points. 

Then, the rest of the book is broken down by month as most other planners are, but what I love most? Are the cute little colored tabs to break down the months. I’ve also found that in previous planners I’ve used, the week/day sections were almost TOO big for me. Making me feel like I had to fill out more for each day rather than spreading out goals throughout the week. I love that this one is simple, small and to the point. You’ve got your a.m. and p.m. on the left and bullet pointed list on the right for each day so you can separate things like appointments from regular to do’s. And of course, each month starts with a large overview calendar as well. 

The last part of the book is simple lined notepaper which is great for brainstorming or writing out longer lists. All in all, I am in love with this planner already and I’ve only been using it for a week or so (the last week of the year is included). 

There are also the Revive Lifestyle Planners which include one for meal planning, blogging and workouts, and there’s also one for weddings for those of you who are newly engaged! I picked up the meal planning edition (which I’m going to talk about in a separate post) and it’s amazing—I had been using a separate smaller planner for meal planning before this but LOVE that this one is specifically for meal planning. 

I do also use an app called Listure on my iPhone that is such a huge help when I’m on the go. I create lists for just about everything—from groceries and baby questions for my doctor to blog post ideas and our travel wish list. I’ll talk more about how I use this in sync with a planner for meal planning as well in that post!

What do you use to stay organized? Are you testing out a new planner or app in the New Year? Would love to hear what works for you!