3 Rules I Stick To in My Home



*Interior Design & Styling: Bliss at Home, Photography: Cassandra Monroe, Source: The Everygirl

Do you ever look back at photos of your home or of yourself and think, what in the world was I thinking. I think we’ve all been there! Then, there are those moments that you look back on and say I loved that room or I loved that dress, and would give anything to recreate that moment again. We all experience the separation of the trends from the timeless. Discovering our style is such an evolving process, whether it’s in our closets or on our coffee tables and I for one, know that I don’t have it all figured out. Do we ever? But, with each new year of life, I find that the ‘timeless’ is outweighing the ‘trends’, especially when it comes to my home. I wanted to share a few ‘rules’ if you will, that I try to follow that fit with my personal style. These might be totally different from your style (and they should be!) but I wanted to share what works for me in keeping my home and surroundings timeless, to me.


When it comes to family photos, I’m not big on huge gallery walls or loads of frames on shelves. Instead, I like to highlight a few of my absolute favorites and mostly in black and white photography rather than color. My husband bought a beautiful frame a few years ago that showcases some of our engagement photos in color, but that’s about it! I think black and white photos are so classic and timeless and just pair well with every type of decor, allowing me to pull in texture and color in other ways. I also think it’s really fun to lean frames against the wall like this one shown above. Not all framed pieces should be hung necessarily!


*Home: Erin Fetherston, Photography: Joe Schmelzer, Source: One Kings Lane


Ask my husband, if there’s a choice of color—I will almost always go with white. From decor to paint to linens. I say almost, because a truly ALL white home would be too stark for me. But the more white I layer in, the more I can treat myself with pattern, texture and color here and there. I’d much rather weave in hues through beautiful blooms on the countertop, pretty patterned throw pillows, candles, etc.


*Home & Styling: Monika Hibbs


If I had to categorize or name my home style, it would definitely be subtle, laid back coastal. That might be in the form of our Riviera Chairs or Santa Barbara Pendant from Serena & Lily, the white pineapple jar we keep our favorite chocolates in or the subtle hints of stripes and coral I try to sneak in. So, when I shop for my home, if it doesn’t fit into that vibe, I don’t buy it. Sticking to that rule is such an effortless way to keep things cohesive, but it does take some serious self control (and knowing your style strength in the first place)! So even though I might be really obsessed with this scene I found on Pinterest, I know that the intricate mirror and sconces aren’t a perfect match for my home.

What are some rules you stick to when it comes to home style? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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