What We Put on Our Baby Registry



We’re just a few short months away from becoming parents, which is exciting, scary and mind blowing all at the same time! The nursery is finally coming together and with our baby shower this past weekend, we’re just about stocked up on everything we need for this little one. Our family and friends were so generous and gifted us lots of goodies from our Babylist registry and some extra special surprise items we will cherish forever. 

We started compiling our baby registry early on (at the beginning of the second trimester) and I’m so glad we did. There’s so much that goes into it! We wanted to make sure that we did our research, read reviews and talked to other parents about their favorite products before settling on anything. I also got a TON of inspiration from other mama bloggers out there and Pinterest, so I thought it’d be nice to share what we decided on with you all! Of course, we haven’t used any of the products yet, but I have a feeling we’ll love most, if not all of them.


I loved that our Babylist registry broke things down by category (Gear, Transportation, Feeding, Diapering, etc.) so I’m going to do the same and walk you through the main items that we’ll be using for baby boy. All of the shoppable items are linked below the post as well!


We started with the big items, including the car seat and the stroller since they’re one of the first things we’ll be using to take our sweet bundle home! I had heard so many great things about Nuna products and after reading reviews and watching their videos, we ended up going with the Nuna PIPA car seat and TAVO stroller. Not only are they stylish, but they’re super easy to use (we’ve already played around with the items!). I won’t get into all of the details, but I highly recommend checking out the videos for their different products on the Nuna site. This little dude will definitely be riding and strolling in style.

We also went with the Nuna Leaf Bouncer (and Wind attachment) and the Sena Travel Crib as well. I personally went back and forth on bouncers because there are so many recommended ones out there, but ultimately decided on the Leaf because I wanted a motor free option. We did get the Wind as mentioned above, which attaches to the base of the bouncer for unlimited swaying, but I really love option to not have a motor at all. We’ll see how it all works once baby starts using it—I really hope he loves it!



The Solly Baby Wrap is one of my favorite items on our registry. Long before I became pregnant, I started following Solly on Instagram and had heard SO many great things about their wraps from mama friends and bloggers. I also recently ran into a mom at Whole Foods who had her 3 week old wrapped up on her chest with a Solly Baby wrap. She told me that it was such a lifesaver and she wished she had known about it with her first babe. That sealed the deal for me! I can’t wait to snuggle our little guy in our wrap—we got this neutral print and plan to get more once baby arrives and we get the hang of it.


One of the first things I added to our registry was this beautiful bassinet that my parents gifted to us. I love that the basket lifts out of the stand so we’ll be able to transport baby around the house when we want to in those early stages and it’s such a pretty addition to our bedroom. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to get this bassinet—it doesn’t come with the white bedding shown in the image on Pottery Barn Kids. They actually don’t have a white bumper/skirt set for sale at all right now, which was sort of a bummer since I love all things white! We’ll most likely end up going with this set instead in gray and a white fitted sheet.

When he’s ready to move to his nursery, we’ve got this Serena & Lily crib ready to go. I wanted something simple, white and that converted to a toddler bed and this one fit the bill. We’re planning to shoot the nursery so I’ll have more to show you in a couple of months!

The DockATot was another very highly recommended product that I cannot wait to try. I’ve been told it acts as a second layer of swaddling and I love that you can literally take this thing anywhere—even traveling! Anything that will make our lives easier when it comes to sleeping is a must in my book.



I plan to breastfeed, but wanted to find a great bottle starter set that we could use with pumping and that was good for breastfed babies. After lots and lots of research, we decided on the Phillips Avent Natural Glass bottles. You might be thinking we’re crazy for going with the glass version, but we really wanted something that wouldn’t get destroyed in the dishwasher. And, they have these great little sleeves for them that help prevent breakage. Also, I mostly use glass water bottles for myself to avoid any plastic toxins (even if they say they are BPA-free) so I wanted to do the same for my baby. I imagine down the road when he’s holding the bottle himself, we’ll transition to the BPA-free plastic version but I’m really excited to use these glass ones with breastmilk when Shawn gets up with him in the night or when I need to pump and have backup bottles for being away for more than a couple hours. 

Another feeding item (that I’m a little unsure of) is the bottle warmer. I’ve read a lot of reviews and find that people either love or hate them. This was one we weren’t gifted, so we’re still contemplating buying it ourselves (but most likely will). I definitely don’t want to have a picky baby who will only take warm milk, but I think this will be really helpful in those early stages when we need to warm up a bottle of breastmilk straight from the fridge. For those of you planning to use formula, I think this decision would be totally different since it’s easier to do at room temp. Breastfeeding moms, would love to hear your thoughts if you used a bottle warmer or not!


We plan to do monthly diaper and wipe bundles with The Honest Co. so we added a gift card option to our registry to get us started. I’m so glad we didn’t get a ton of diapers at the shower because we really want to make sure they work for us first, rather than stocking up on hundreds that we end up hating. 

We did receive the Ubbi Diaper Pail that we registered for, which I’ve heard amazing things about. It’s made of steel rather than plastic, with rubber seals for max odor absorption. No stinky nursery here, or at least we hope!



Originally, I wanted to go with something super techy and new to the game—like a monitor that worked with our phones rather than having an extra gadget. But a lot of them were crazy expensive and made me a bit nervous about their capability if we were using without wifi. I’m sure we could have done more research, but we ended up deciding on the classic Motorola Digital Video Monitor

One of the gifts that we didn’t receive (I’m guessing because it’s newer and most people weren’t sure what it was!) is the Owlet Baby Monitor. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a sock monitor that your baby wears on one foot and it’ll alert you if your little one isn’t breathing properly or has an irregular heartbeat. I feel like this will give us such peace of mind so that we can get good rest, even if it is just for a few hours at a time in the beginning. 



Expecting a baby during the holiday season is wonderful in so many ways. And financially? Pretty amazing, too. With all of the sales happening, we were able to stock up on all kinds of clothes and accessories. We made sure to add some to the registry too. One of the big things we kept hearing was to invest in onesies with buttons, zips or kimono style for those early stages of newborn and 0-3 months. The less you have to pull over babies head, the better! Aden + Anais has great ones and we also stocked up on their soft cotton muslin swaddles and bibs, too.

We also registered for Sophie la Giraffe Teether, a cutie Wubbanub, a Love to Swaddle Up and more.

Whew! I think that’s basically it. A bit long winded but honestly, with all the research we did I’m feeling super confident about all of these goodies we have for baby, and I hope they’ll inspire your registry process if you’re expecting too. Find the shoppable items below and I’d love to hear of any other items you’re planning to use or if you’re already a parent, I would love to hear what worked for you!

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