Organic Rose + Coconut Face Mask



Happy Monday (and New Year) loves! Over the weekend, you might’ve caught me channeling my inner Oompa Loompa if you follow me on Instagram. Each weekend, I try to do a little something for myself beauty-wise, whether it be an eyebrow wax, cleaning my makeup brushes (I try to do this every week or two), a mask, scrub or my Bioré strips. Admittedly, the masks are always the most fun so I can jump out of the bathroom and scare the crap out of my husband! But mostly, it’s a dream to have that super soft skin and glow after a mask. 

This weekend, I tried out my very first Organic Rose + Coconut Face Mask from Oak & Ashland. Uhh-mazing you guys. I normally use the Rose + Black Tea masks by Fresh, but the softness factor was WAY more noticeable with this one. The organic coconut milk powder softens, calms and provides nourishment to the skin, while the rose clay gently removes dead skin cells and helps to detoxify the skin by removing impurities from the pores (and gives you that hue of an Oompa Loompa!) . I also love the little pouch, easy to pop in a travel bag.


Also, the lip balms? They’ve become a new staple in my daily routine. Especially during these cold winter months when I need the extra hydration! The Coconut Mint is my favorite, a little tropical, a little fresh. A huge thanks to Danika, the creator of Oak & Ashland for sending me these to try out! Isn’t she a beauty? I’m always a supporter of biz ladies who create amazing products and truly care about health and well-being. Head to Oak & Ashland to try it for yourself!

Danika : 19:31 January 4, 2016 Reply
This is just SUCH a beautiful post about Oak & Ashland...thank you sweet Melissa! xo Danika
    Melissa Baran : 09:47 January 5, 2016 Reply
    Thank YOU Danika! xx
Ellese : 15:56 January 6, 2016 Reply
This look amazing! I would love to try this for the winter months that are brutal on my skin. Thanks for sharing! Xo, Ellese Rock.Paper.Glam.
    Melissa Baran : 16:19 January 6, 2016 Reply
    It's amazing Ellese! Highly recommend!
Jennifer Dene : 10:32 February 5, 2016 Reply
These look so beautiful, I can't wait to try (and scare my husband too!) Thanks for the recommendation, the Oak & Ashland site is amazing! XOX