Fall Totes


Fall is bag season, hands down. I’m not sure if it’s the ‘back to school’ vibe or the fact that there are usually more items to tote around once the cold weather hits, but I always seem to stock up this time of year. When it comes to brand, you won’t find too many high end designer bags in my closet, but more practical and affordable styles that I won’t feel terrible about if they get worn down a bit (which they will). This happened to one of my Michael Kors totes last year while traveling in the airport and a strap broke—huge bummer. But if I’m paying under $100? It doesn’t sting so bad. Below are some that I’ve hand-picked for the season from Sole Society and Street Level, brands I love both for their faux leather offerings, affordability and style. See one of them in action here on my Instagram!


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