How To Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig



The fiddle leaf fig bug has finally bitten me. After five years of having a 12 foot tall cactus in our old home, I’ve been missing my dose of green in our new home and last month, the stars aligned. I discovered the sweetest little floral and home goods shop in Newburyport (Sage Market + Design for you Boston locals) and they had a darling fiddle leaf fig for sale with my name on it. These babies are such nice touch to a sun room or office and brings a fun, tropical vibe to your home. 

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:

1. Keep your fig in plenty of indirect sunlight and rotate it to allow for even growth.

2. Let you tree dry out completely in between waterings. Make sure the top soil is dry to the touch before watering again. 

3. Keep the leaves clean and free of dust. The cleaner your leaves are the more they can drink in the sun!

4. Trim any heavily browning or dead leaves from your tree. New baby leaves will grow in their place and fill out your tree nicely.

5. Fertilize your tree each month during spring and summer. Use a liquid fertilizer and dilute with half water.

6. Repot if your fig has outgrown it’s pot—or, remove top few inches of soil annually and refresh your plant with new soil.

7. During the warmer months, depending on your location and the size of your tree, you can bring it outdoors in a patio area as well for a pretty addition to an al fresco dinner!

Image via Becki Owens